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Horological reference library

The AAHS library includes over 450 books, booklets & printed catalogues as well as several thousands magazines, videos and other material.

Members are welcome to browse and borrow items. To request a reservation please message the Librarian or speak with her at a monthly meeting.

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    335 A Man For His TimeBROOKMAN Gwendolyn
    73 Advanced Watch and Clock RepairHARRIS H G
    276 All in Good TimeDANIELS George
    114 Amateur's Workshop (The)BRADLEY Ian
    111 American Clock 1725-1865 (The)BATTISON Kane
    258 American Clocks (A Guide to Identification and Prices)DU LY Tran
    244 American Clocks for the Collector
    257 American Clocks with a Special Section on Self Winding Clocks Vol 2DU LY Tran
    307 American Pocket WatchesHOKE Donald Robert
    139 American Shelf and Wall ClocksBALL Robert
    310 American Watch Movements (Illustrated Manual of)SWIGART E and J Co
    184 Analysis of the Lever EscapementPLAYTNER H R
    326 Anniversary Clock AdjustingPASSMORE M
    245 Anniversary ClocksWOTTON Peter
    260 Ansonia Clock Company 1894-95 CATALOGUE
    261 Ansonia Clock Company 1895 SUPPLEMENTARY CATALOGUE
    262 Ansonia Clock Company 1901 CATALOGUE
    263 Ansonia Clock Company 1906-07 CATALOGUE
    264 Ansonia Clock Company 1920 CATALOGUE
    256 Ansonia Clocks (A Guide to Identification and Prices)DU LY Tran
    155 Antique Clocks and Clock CollectingBRUTON Eric
    193 Antique Scientific InstrumentsLE TURNER Gerard
    248 Antique Silver HallmarksKORMAN Charles
    15 Antique WatchesCAMERER Cuss T
    54 Art of Breguet (The)DANIELS George
    303 Art of Breguet (The)HABSBURG Antiquorium
    306 Artistry of the English WatchJAGGER Cedric
    226 Associations Incorporation Act 1981GOVERNMENT PRINTER
    227 Associations Incorporation Regulations 1998GOVERNMENT PRINTER
    302 Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge (The)NEWHAM C A
    23 Automata of Mechanical ToysHILLIER Mary
    144 Automatic Winding for a 30 Hour Longcase ClockWILDING John
    29 Beauty of Clocks (The)PEARSON Michael
    29.1 Beauty of Clocks (The)PEARSON Michael
    145 Bench Practices for Watch and ClockmakersFRIED Henry B
    83 Benj. Allen and Co Chicago ILLUSTRATED CATALOG 1917
    168 Beyer Museum of Time Measurement (The)COLLECTION OF COLOUR PLATES
    9 Black Forest ClocksTYLER E J
    148 Black Forest ClocksORTENBURGER Rick
    250 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock (The)KOCHMANN Karl
    102 Book of American Clocks (The)PALMER B
    102.1 Book of American Clocks (The)PALMER B
    179 Book of English Clocks (A)SYMONDS R W
    179.1 Book of English Clocks (A)SYMONDS R W
    33 Book of Time (The)WILSON Colin
    229 Brass Dial ClocksLOOMES Brian
    304 Breguet - Watchmakers Since 1775DUCAMP Emmanuel
    134 British Timede CARLE Donald
    254 Bulle Clock of Favre-Bulle (The)MILES Robert
    225 Calendar (The)DUNCAN David
    6 Carriage Clocks - Their History and DevelopmentALLIX Charles
    6.1 Carriage Clocks - Their History and DevelopmentALLIX Charles
    305 Cartier - A Century of Cartier WristwatchesGORDON George
    320 Cavalcade of TimeFRIED Henry B
    221 Centuries of Style: ClocksKINGSLEY Rebecca
    222 Centuries of Style: WatchesKINGSLEY Rebecca
    239 Century of Fine Carriage Clocks (A)FANELLI Terwillger
    252 Chain Makers (The)WHITE Alien
    228 Chats on Old ClocksHAYDEN Arthur
    110 Chronograph Watch (The)SMITH William
    136 Classic Watch (The)BALFOUR Michael
    136.1 Classic Watch (The)BALFOUR Michael
    278 Classic Watch (The)BALFOUR Michael
    79 Clock - Cleaning and RepairingJONES Bernard E
    79.1 Clock - Cleaning and RepairingJONES Bernard E
    157 Clock and Watch EscapementsGAZELEY W J
    57 Clock and Watch Repairing - including Complicated Watchesde CARLE Donald
    85 Clock Design and ConstructionPENMAN Laurie
    152 Clock Repair Primer (The)BALCOMB Philip E
    215 Clock Repairers Handbook (The)PENMAN Laurie
    223 Clock Repairing and AdjustingRANDELL W L
    181 Clock Repairing and MakingGARRARD F J
    300 Clock Wheel and Pinion CuttingWILD J Malcolm
    280 Clockmakers & Watchmakers in State of Vic. Settlement to FederationHOSE Judy
    218 Clockmakers' Library (The)BROMLEY John
    282 Clockmakers of Lancaster County and Their ClocksWOOD and KRAMER
    3 ClocksFLEET Simon
    77 ClocksJAGGER Cedric
    135 ClocksMacDONALD Starters
    270 Clocks - Pleasures and TreasuresFLEET Simon
    270.1 Clocks - Pleasures and TreasuresFLEET Simon
    288 Clocks - Smithsonian Illustrated Library of AntiquesCOOPER-HEWITT Museum
    130 Clocks - The Century Life Book ofJOY Edward T
    92 Clocks - Their Working and MaintenanceSMITH Eric
    158 Clocks and Clock RepairingSMITH P Eric
    158.1 Clocks and Clock RepairingSMITH P Eric
    19 Clocks and Culture 1300-1700CIPPOLA Carlo M
    38 Clocks and Their Valuede CARLE Donald
    36 Clocks and WatchesSMITH Alan
    46 Clocks and WatchesTYLER E J
    47 Clocks and WatchesWILLSBERGER Johann
    98 Clocks and WatchesULLYETT Kenneth
    214 Clocks and WatchesPERRSALL Ronald
    287 Clocks and Watches - 600 Years of the Worlds Most Beautiful TimepiecesWILLSBERGER Johann
    237 Clocks and Watches - An Historical BibliographyBAILLE G H
    119 Clocks and Watches of Guildhall Museum
    41 Clocks in ColourNICHOLLS Andrew
    87 Clocks, Watches and ChronometersREES Abraham
    113 Collectible Clocks 1840-1940SHENTON A and R
    128 Collecting and Identifying Old ClocksHARRIS H G
    323 Collecting and Identifying Old WatchesHARRIS H G
    230 Collecting and Repairing WatchesCUTMORE Max
    325 Collecting and Restoring Scientific InstrumentsPERSALL R
    104 Collecting Mechanical AntiquesPEARSELL David
    112 Collectors Guide to ClocksROBERTS Derek
    246 Complete Price Guide to Watches 2000SHUGART and ENGLE
    156 Complicated Watches and Their Repairde CARLE Donald
    90 Connoisseur Illustrated Guides - Clocks and Watches (The)SMITH Alan
    90.1 Connoisseur Illustrated Guides - Clocks and Watches (The)SMITH Alan
    129 Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology (The)ROBERTS Kenneth D
    20 Craft of the Clockmaker (The)TYLER E J
    20.1 Craft of the Clockmaker (The)TYLER E J
    56 Dictionaire des Horologers FrancaisTARDY
    120 E J Swigart Company Buyers Guide (The)SWIGART E and J Co
    40 Early Clockmakers of Great Britain (The)LOOMES Brian
    150 Electric ClocksWISE S J
    75 Electric Clocks - and How to Make ThemHOPE-JONES F
    81 Electric Clocks and ChimesMARSHALL P
    205 Electric Watch Repair Manual (DCN Staff Guide)DCN
    25 Electric Watch Repair Manual (The)FRIED Henry B
    25.1 Electric Watch Repair Manual (The)FRIED Henry B
    232 Electric Watches
    171 Electrical HorologyLANGMAN H R
    24 Electrical TimekeepingHOPE-JONES F
    95 EnamellingSWINKELS Bep
    82 Enamelling on MetalMILLICENT and DEKONINGH
    212 Encyclopaedia of Antiques
    247 Encyclopedia of Antique American ClocksSWEDBERG Robert and Harriett
    162 English Bracket and Mantel ClocksNICHOLLS Andrew
    124 English Church Clocks 1280-1850BEESON C F C
    126 English ClocksGOAMAN Muriel
    123 English Country Grandfather ClocksBARDER Richard
    147 English Dial ClocksROSE Ronald E
    147.1 English Dial ClocksROSE Ronald E
    16 English Domestic ClocksCESCINSKY and WEBSTER
    8 English House Clocks 1600-1850BIRD A
    42 English Lantern ClocksHANA W F J
    177 English WatchesHAYWARD J F
    131 Englishman's Watch (The)KEMP Robert
    154 Engraving on Precious MetalsBRITTAIN A and WOLPERT S
    333 Erhard Junghans JUNGHANS Erhard Collection
    191 Escapement and Train of American Watches (The)WILKINSON T J
    160 European ClocksTYLER E J
    296 European ClocksURESOVA Libuse
    207 Favorite Roller Tables GuideFAVORITE
    55 Four Hundred Day Clock Repair GuideTERWILLIGER C
    268 French Bronze ClocksNIEHUSER Elke
    17 French ClocksEDEY Winthrop
    17.1 French ClocksEDEY Winthrop
    97 French Marble Clock (The)THORPE N M
    52 Frodshams - The Story of a Family of Chronometer Makers (The)MERCER Vaudrey
    80 Gear Wheels and Gear CuttingMARSHALL Alfred W
    7 Grandfather Clock (The)EDWARDES Ernest L
    334 Great Melbourne Telescope (The)GILLESPIE Richard
    274 Greater Manchester Clocks and ClockmakersDAVIES E
    117 Greenwich Time and the Discovery of LongitudeHOWSE Derek
    4 Guide to Museum of Clockmakers' Company of LondonBAILLIE G
    127 Habsburg Antiquorum - Catalogue of WatchesHABSBURG
    329 Handbook of Clocks Produced by Charles Kirk and Brewster & IngrahamsULTSCH Bill and COWAN Doug
    74 Handbook of Watch and Clock RepairsHARRIS H G
    133 Heavenly ClockworkNEEDHAM. LING. PRICE
    311 Helpful Information for WatchmakersWALTHAM WATCH Co
    43 History of Clocks and Watches (The)BRUTON Eric
    99 Hobs and CuttersSMITHS INDUSTRIES
    149 Horlogerie ElectriqueGUYE Bossart
    199 Horological Guild Australasia 1946-1971SWITZER Chas. A
    118 Horological Hints and HelpsBRITTEN F W
    118.1 Horological Hints and HelpsBRITTEN F W
    188 Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700-1900CROM Theodore
    58 Horologyde CARLE Donald
    96 Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide (The)TERWILLIGER C
    151 Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide (The) 7th EditionTERWILLIGER C
    259 Horolovar 400 Day Clock Suspension Spring GuideTERWILLIGER C
    339 How the Watch Was WornCUMMINS Genervieve
    169 How to Build 35 Great ClocksDANIELE Joseph
    292 How to Construct a Scissors ClockWILDING John
    294 How to Make a Simple 16th Century Style ClockWILDING John
    142 How to Make a Skeleton ClockWILDING John
    141 How to Make a Weight Driven 8 Day Wall ClockWILDING John
    297 How to Make a Wooden Wheeled ClockTYLER E J
    289 How to Make an Act of Parliament Clock or Tavern ClockWILDING John
    291 How to Make an English Style Bracket ClockTYLER J E
    301 How to Make Galileo's EscapementWILDING John
    290 How to Make Replica 18th Century 30 Hour Weight Driven Alarm ClockWILDING John
    238 Illustrated Longitude (The)SOBEL Andrew
    116 Industrial Time RecordersHARRISON Paul
    198 Inside Story of the Swiss Watches (The)SWISS WATCH CO
    66 Investing in Clocks and WatchesCUMHAILL P W
    66.1 Investing in Clocks and WatchesCUMHAILL P W
    146 It was All a Matter of TimeTOOTH Thomas
    174 It's About TimeCHAMBERLAIN Paul
    101 John Arnold and SonMERCER Vaudrey
    279 John Harrison and His TimekeepersGOULD R T
    283 John Joseph MerlinGREATER LONDON COUNCIL 1985
    210 Journal of a CollectorMcALPINE Alistair
    332 Junghans 150 - 1861-2011JUNGHANS
    333 Junghans, Erhard JUNGHANS Erhard Collection
    216 Keeping TimeGOOD Richard
    21 Longcase Clock (The)BRUTON Eric
    21.1 Longcase Clock (The)BRUTON Eric
    122 Longcase Clock (The)ROBINSON Tom
    35 Longcase ClocksMcDONALD John
    138 Longitude - The Story of a Lone GeniusSOBEL Dava
    138.1 Longitude - The Story of a Lone GeniusSOBEL Dava
    192 Machine ToolsGILBERT K R
    293 Machining and Constructing a 'Castle Clock'WILDING John
    281 Making ClocksBRAY Stan
    234 Manual for Chelsea Type ClocksNavy Dept
    203 Manufacture's Book of TimepiecesJAEGER-de-COULTRE
    240 Marble ClocksWOTTON Oliver
    269 Marine and Pocket Chronometers - History and DevelopmentVON BERTELE Hans
    233 Marine Chronometer
    13 Marine Chronometer (The)GOULD R T
    48 Masterpieces of WatchmakingPIPPA Luigi
    178 Mechanical Engineers Pocket BookKINGSWAY Pub London
    185 Mechanism of the Watch (The)SWINBURNE J
    185.1 Mechanism of the Watch (The)SWINBURNE J
    265 Military TimepiecesWHITNEY Marvin
    182 Milling in the LatheWESTBURY Edgar T
    69 Modern Clock (The)GOODRICH Ward L
    5 Modern clocks: Their Repair and MaintenanceROBINSON T R
    172 Modern Electric ClocksPHILPOTT Stuart F
    176 Museum of the American Watchmakers Institute (The)FRIED Henry B
    295 Musical Box Handbook (The)WEBB Graham
    328 Musical BoxesTALLIS David
    88 Musical Clock (The)REEVE Claude B
    196 Official Price Guide to Watches 10th EditionSHUGART and ENGLE
    195 Official Price Guide to Watches 9th EditionSHUGART and ENGLE
    161 Old Clock Book (The)MOORE N Hudson
    45 Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers 3rd EditionBRITTEN F
    22 Old Clocks and Watches and Their makers 7th edition 1956BRITTEN F
    50 Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers 9th edition 1982BRITTEN F
    30 Old Clocks for Modern UseWENHAM Edward
    170 Old Royal Observatory (The)LIPPINCOTT Kristen
    235 Old Royal Observatory (The)NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM
    231 Omega TechnicalOMEGA
    105 On Chronometers, Watches and ClocksDENT Edward J
    321 Origins of the UniverseHINKELBEIN Albert
    94 Pattern MakingSPEEDING T
    204 PendulumACZEL Amir D
    53 Perpignan 1356 - The Making of a Clock and Bell for the King's CastleBEESON C F C
    183 Picture of the Universe (A)SPENCER-JONES H
    173 Pioneers of Precision TimekeepingANTIQUE HOROL SOC
    173.1 Pioneers of Precision TimekeepingANTIQUE HOROL SOC
    18 Pocket Watch Handbook (The)CUTMORE Maxwell
    140 Pocket WatchesMEIS Reinhard
    236 Pocket WatchesCHRONICLE BOOKS
    59 Practical Clock Repairingde CARLE Donald
    59.1 Practical Clock Repairingde CARLE Donald
    180 Practical Course in Horology (A)KELLY Harold C
    60 Practical Watch Adjustingde CARLE Donald
    61 Practical Watch Repairingde CARLE Donald
    61.1 Practical Watch Repairingde CARLE Donald
    285 Prague Horologe (The)MALINA Jakub
    165 Precision Pendulum Clocks (The)ROBERTS Derek
    26 Principles of Waterproofing Watches (The)FRIED Henry B
    298 Regulator Clock ConstructionHEIMANN P
    163 Repairing and Restoring Pendulum ClocksPLEWES John
    159 Repairing Antique Clocks - A Guide for AmateursSMITH P Eric
    31 Repairing Old Clocks and WatchesWHITEN Anthony
    319 Repairing Watch CasesSCHWANATUS W and FENIMORE W
    284 Restoration of Old American Brass ClocksDARNALL J V
    322 Revolution in TimeLandES David S
    137 Rolex - Hans Wildorf and the Evolution of Time 1905-PresentGORDON George
    108 Rolex - Technical and Service InformationROLEX
    208 Ronda Balances Complete GuideRONDA
    206 Ronda Staff GuideRONDA
    209 Ronda Stem GuideRONDA
    219 Royal ClocksJAGGER Cedric
    71 Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches and Bells for (A)GRIMTHORPE B E
    200 Rules and Practice for Adjusting WatchesKEINLEIN Waiter
    78 S F Myers and Co. Manufacturing Jewellers. New YorkILLUSTRATED CATALOG No 22
    309 Saunier's Modern HorologyTRIPPIN Julien and RIGG Edward
    86 Science of Clocks and Watches (The)RAWLINGS A L
    251 Science of Watch Repairing SimplifiedTHISELL A Gideon
    186 Scientific TimingPURDON Charles
    201 Seiko and Watch Technical GuideSEIKO
    109 Self Winding WatchesDEAN Joseph
    153 Sharpening Small ToolsBRADLEY Ian and HALLOWS N
    51 Ships Chronometer (The)WHITNEY Martin
    12 Skeleton ClocksROYER-COLLARD F B
    220 SkywatchingLEVY David H
    84 St. Louis Clock and Silverware Co. 1904TWELFTH ANNUAL CATALOG
    164 Staking Tools and How to Use ThemWOOD Roger S
    93 Striking and Chiming ClocksSMITH Eric
    132 Survey of American Clocks - Calendar ClocksMILLER A and D
    166 Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1975 Volume IPRITCHARD Kathleen
    167 Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1975 Volume IIPRITCHARD Kathleen
    242 Swiss Timepiece Makers A-KPRITCHARD Kathleen
    243 Swiss Timepiece Makers L-ZPRITCHARD Kathleen
    308 Synchronome Brisbane 1903-1991NAWCC Chapter 104
    187 Table and Practical Guide - Determining GearsBERNER G A
    217 Technical Communications - Ebauches SA NeuchatelEBAUCHES SA
    249 Technique and History of Swiss WatchJAQUET Eugene and CHAPUIS Alfred
    249.1 Technique and History of Swiss WatchJAQUET Eugene and CHAPUIS Alfred
    255 Time a PremiumMETSKER Ursula
    32 Time Measurement - An Introductory HistoryWELCH Kenneth F
    189 Time Measurement - Part IWARD F A B
    190 Time Measurement - Part IIWARD F A B
    273 Time RestoredBETTS Jonathon
    211 Time Under SailVARZELIOTIS A N T
    275 Timepieces - Masterpieces of ChronometryCHRISTIANSON David
    330 Twenty-First Century Watchmaking - Book OneSMITH William O
    14 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks and WatchesBAILEY Chris
    14.1 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks and WatchesBAILEY Chris
    286 Unforgiving Minute (The)DAVISON Graeme
    202 Vibrograph Instructions VS390LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS
    316 Walthem Pocket Watch Identification and Price GuideWaltham Watch Company
    28 Watch (The) - from its origins to the XIX centuryGARDINAL Catherine
    28.1 Watch (The) - from its origins to the XIX centuryGARDINAL Catherine
    27 Watch AdjustmentJENDR1TZKI H
    194 Watch and Clock Book (The)ARCO Pub Co
    62 Watch and Clock Encyclopaediade CARLE Donald
    62.1 Watch and Clock Encyclopaediade CARLE Donald
    314 Watch and Clock JobbingHASLUCK Paul
    107 Watch and Clock Making and RepairingGAZELEY W J
    315 Watch and Clock MaterialWaltham Precision Instrument Company
    44 Watch and Clockmakers Handbook Dictionary and GuideBRITTEN F
    63 Watch and Clockmakers Lathe and How to Use Itde CARLE Donald
    72 Watch Collector's Handbook (The)CUTMORE M
    312 Watch Repairers' InstructorBRITTEN F W
    115 Watch Repairers' Manual (The)FRIED Henry B
    336 Watch Repairing and AdjustingRANDELL W L
    91 Watch Repairing as a HobbyFLETCHER D
    331 Watch Time - Junghans 150 YearsJUNGHANS
    49 WatchesCLUTTON and DANIELS George
    37 Watches and Their Valuede CARLE Donald
    318 Watches in ColourGOOD Richard
    324 Watches, Their History, Decoration and MechanismBAILLIE G
    67 Watches: Adjustment and RepairCAMM F J
    1 Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the WorldBAILLIE G
    2 Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World Vol 2LOOMES Brian
    327 Watchmaker's and Model Engineer's Lathede CARLE Donald
    317 Watchmaker's Handbook (The)SAUNIER Claudius
    70 Watchmakers' Lathe (The)GOODRICH Ward L
    313 Watchmakers of Massachusetts (The)BOLINE August C
    253 WatchmakingDANIELS George
    39 Watch-Making in England 1760-1820WEISS L
    175 Waterbury ClocksWATERBURY CLOCK CO
    125 Weight-Driven Chamber Clocks of M.A. + RennaisanceEDWARDES Ernest L
    266 Westclock Wind UpLINZ Jim
    267 Westclox - An Identification and Price GuideBIOLCHINI Gary
    121 What is Time?WHITROW G J
    271 Wheel and Pinion Cutting in HorologyWILD J Malcolm
    100 When Time Came HomeLANGE and SOHNE CATALOGUE
    34 White Dial Clocks - The Complete GuideLOOMES Brian
    65 With the Watchmaker at the Bench 3rd edition 1945de CARLE Donald
    64 With the Watchmaker at the Bench 5th edition 1945de CARLE Donald
    241 Wooden Clock Cases - Making and RepairingTAYLOR V J and BABB H A
    241.1 Wooden Clock Cases - Making and RepairingTAYLOR V J and BABB H A
    89 Working with Copper, Silver and EnamelSJOBERG J and 0
    11 Worlds Great Clocks and Watches (The)JAGGER Cedric
    11.1 Worlds Great Clocks and Watches (The)JAGGER Cedric
    103 Wristwatchesde LISLE Selby I
    277 WristwatchesBRUNNER G and PFEIFFER-BELL C
    106 Wristwatches - A Century's DevelopmentKAHLERT MUHE Brunner
    272 Wristwatches - A Handbook and Price Guide - 5th EditionBRUNNER G and PFEIFFER BELL C

    Magazines & Periodicals

    IDTitleVolumeRangeComplete / Bound / IncompleteNotes
    Antique CollectingVol. 17/10, 18/3, 18/71983Incomplete
    Antique CollectingVol. 18/10, 19/2, 19/71984Incomplete
    Antique Collecting1985Incomplete
    Antique Collector1983Incomplete
    Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide1983Incomplete
    Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide1988Incomplete
    Antique Clocks1989Incomplete
    Antique Clocks1990Incomplete
    Antiquarian Horology1938Incomplete
    Mag.21Antiquarian HorologyVol. 11953-1956Bound
    Mag.22Antiquarian HorologyVol. 21956-1959Bound
    Mag.23Antiquarian HorologyVol. 31959-1962Bound
    Mag.24Antiquarian HorologyVol. 41962-1965Bound
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 51966-1968Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 61969-1970Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 71970-1972Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 81973Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 91974-1976Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 101976-1978Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 111979Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 121980-1981Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 131981-1982Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 141983-1984Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 151984-1985Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 161986-1987Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 171987-1988Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 181989-1990Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 191990-1991Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 201992-1993Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 211993-1994Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 221995-1996Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 231998-1997Complete
    Mag.25Antiquarian HorologyVol. 241998-1999Bound
    Mag.26Antiquarian HorologyVol. 251999-2000Bound
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 262001-2002Complete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 272002-2003Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 282004Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 292005Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 302007Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 312008Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 332011Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 352014Incomplete
    Antiquarian HorologyVol. 362015Incomplete
    Mag.32Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 4 & 51949-1953Bound
    Mag.33Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 6 & 71953-1957Bound
    Mag.34Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 81957-1959Bound
    Mag.35Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 91959-1961Bound
    Mag.36Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 101961-1963Bound
    Mag.37Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 111963-1965Bound
    Mag.38Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 121965-1967Bound
    Mag.39Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 131967-1979Bound
    Mag.40Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 141969-1971Bound
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 231981Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 241982Complete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 251983Complete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 261984Complete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 271985Complete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 311989Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 331991Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 341992Incomplete
    Mag.47Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 371995Bound
    Mag.41Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 381996Bound
    Mag.42Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 391997Bound
    Mag.43Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 401998Bound
    Mag.44Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 411999Bound
    Mag.45Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 422000Bound
    Mag.46Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 432001Bound
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 452003Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 472005Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 482006Complete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 492007Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 502008Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 512009Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCCVol. 532011Incomplete
    Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 21976-1978 Triennial Roster
    Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 31974, 1975, 1976 (Whole No. 182 Vol. XV111. No.3)
    Mag.52Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 14American Watchmaking Ð A Technical History of the American Watch Industry 1850-1930
    Mag.47Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 15From Rags to Riches Ð The Story of Chauncy Jerome
    Mag.48Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 17Clockmakers & Clockmaking in Southern Maine Ð 1770-1870
    Mag.51Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 18The Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Ð Design and Empire Clock Case Development
    Mag.49Bulletin - NAWCC - Suppliment no. 19Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks ÐTheir Cases, Their Movements, Their Makers
    Horological Bulletin - Horological Guild of Australasia
    American Watchmaking - A Technical History of the American Watch Industry - 1850-1930
    Mag.250The Australian WatchmakerVol. 41957Complete
    Mag.250The Australian WatchmakerVol. 71959Complete
    Mag.250The Australian WatchmakerVol. 81960-1961Complete
    Mag.250The Australian WatchmakerVol. 91961-1962Complete
    Mag.250The Australian WatchmakerVol. 101962-1963Complete
    The Clockmaker1990Incomplete
    The Clockmaker1990-1991Incomplete
    The Clockmaker1991-1992Incomplete
    The Clockmaker1997Incomplete
    The Clockmaker1998Incomplete
    The Clockmaker1999Incomplete
    The Clockmaker2000Incomplete
    The Clockmaker2001Incomplete
    On Time - Vanity Fair supplement2006
    Watch - 2009 Baselworld & Sihh Special (Financial Review Magazine)2009
    Watch and Clock BulletinVol. 522010Incomplete
    Watch and Clock BulletinVol. 532011Incomplete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 251989
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 261990
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 271991Complete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 281992Complete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 291993Complete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 301994Complete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 311995Incomplete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 321996Incomplete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 331997Complete
    Watchmakers of AustraliaVol. 381998Incomplete
    Watch and Clockmakers of AustraliaVol. 422006Complete
    Watch and Clockmakers of AustraliaVol. 432007Complete
    Mag.251The Watchmakers of VictoriaVol. 11965-1966
    Mag.251The Watchmakers of VictoriaVol. 21966-1967
    Mag.251The Watchmakers of Victoria1968
    Mag.251The Watchmakers of Victoria1979
    Mag.251The Watchmakers of VictoriaVol. 241988-1989
    Watch Time2016Incomplete
    Watch Time2017Incomplete
    Watch Time2018Incomplete
    Watch Time - SpecialMont Blanc, Craftsman, Passion & Precision
    Watch Time - SpecialGrand Seiko
    Mag.130Watch Your Time - New York Times advertising suppliment2008
    Mag.130Watch Your Time - New York Times advertising suppliment2011
    Mag.201TimecraftVol. 11981Bound
    Mag.202TimecraftVol. 21982Bound
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    Printed Catalogues

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    Technical booklets

    Nouveau Dictionaire Technlogique des parties de la Montre
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 19
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 20
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 22
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 24
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 32
    Ebauches - Chronograph Hour and Minute RecorderBooklet 36
    Ebauches - SF4Interchangeability Chart for Genuine Repair Parts
    France ebauches - Lever movements
    Favorite - Watch hands
    Roamer - Lever movements
    Citizen Watch Co. - Oiling instructions