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Sales, repair services & parts suppliers

AAHS members

Antique and Vintage Clocks – Bill Brindle, Tecome

Bairnsdale Clocks – Trevor Herbstreit, Bairnsdale

Canterbury Clocks – Douglas Macquet, Canterbury

R Macdonald Watches – Rory Macdonald, Fairfield

Colman Antiques – Michael Coleman, Malvern

Ferntree Gully Clocks – Phil Gore, Ferntree Gully

Kendle Green Antiques – David Rhodes, Albury

Timewise Clocks – Bob and Pat Davis, Kings Park, South Australia

Will Matthysen – Will Matthysen, Warrandyte

Non members

Dave’s watch parts & tools – USA

CousinsUK  Clock and watch parts – UK

Little and Son  Restoration & repair – Canberra, AUS

Perrin  Clock and watch parts – CANADA

Obsolete Watch & Clock parts – UK

OzWatchStore  Pocket & wrist watch – AUS

Red Rooster  Clock and watch parts – UK

Smith and Smith  Clock and watch parts – NSW, AUS

The Tool Exchange  Vintage tools – QLD, AUS

Time Savers  Clock parts – USA


George White  Clayton VIC – New brass & other non-ferrous metals

Highett Metal  Mordialloc VIC – New & scrap brass & other metals


Varga Brothers – Mitcham VIC

Dial restoration artisans

Use the Contact us form to request contact details for;

Christine Jones – 042x xxx xxx, xxxxx@optusnet.com.au

Lily – 040x xxx xxx


When Time Began  The History and Science of Sundials

New Sundials  Pictures and descriptions of sundials around the world.

The Sundial  Discusses the sundial with instructions to make a paper sundial.

NASS  Official site of the North American Sundial Society with links to publications, conferences, construction, and more.

Frans Maes  A site with gallery of over 200 sundial pictures.

Sun Clocks  Provides information on sundials covering their workings and history.

How Sundials Work  Shows how sundials work with diagrams and concise descriptions.

Analemmatic Sundial  Discusses this type of sundial with instructions to build one.

Northern Hemisphere Sundial  Provides instructions on how to make a Northern Hemisphere sundial.

Sundial of Human Involvement  A very special sundial in the Mount Annan Botanic Garden in Australia.

History of the Sundial  A look back at the beginnings and development of sundials.

Building a Sundial  Learn how to build a sundial on your own!

Egyptian Sundials  Discusses the different types of sundials in ancient Egypt.

Classification of Hours  Explains the difficulty in classification of time in sundials.

The Sundial Garden  A special project at the Deutsches Museum.

The British Sundial Society  Extensive information of sundial terminology.

Definitions & Basic Types  An article with a good section on horizontal sundials.

Horizontal & Vertical Sundials  Shows how to build horizontal and vertical sundials.

Rigou  Provides information on the Chinese sundial.

Sundial.net  A history of sundials

Sundials in Central Europe  A list with photos (Czech language)

The Book of Sun-dials  Complete e-text of the book by Margaret Scott Gatty.